Name: Lauren

Age: 21

College Student

From: Jersey, Cali, Florida, Illinois

This is my life as I know it.... ENJOY!!

12am and 1 1/2 of bottle of wine later and all I want to do to talk about you. It’s probably because all I really want to do is talk to you. But I will respect that space that you need. Deep down I hope that you come to my birthday because that is what I was truly looking forward too.


this is great. just the three of us


you.. me..


and this brick wall you built between us


(via ruinedchildhood)


girl: deeper!!!!



(via ruinedchildhood)

That awkward moment when you run into your newly ex boyfriend.

Well damn… We both didn’t know what to do. Do you pretend that we don’t know each other or speak. I was so fucking awkward. I spoke but my heart was going a million miles a minute. Damn this shit hurts.