Name: Lauren

Age: 22

College Student

From: Jersey, Cali, Florida, Illinois

This is my life as I know it.... ENJOY!!

So That Happened…

So I had an interesting night… I got in an argument with my cousin because she was arguing the legitimacy on my current state of mind. So I decided to share with her EXACTLY what my state of mind is.

Well after hanging up the phone I had an anxiety attack that knock me on my ass. 


People are banging on my door. It’s my family.. of course freaking out because they got to hear a glimpse into my state of mind.

This is all I have to say. If I tell you that my not happy and that its not a personal attack on you please believe me. I am not out here trying to hurt other people. All I want is a little happiness and maybe someone to talk to that won’t get freaked out if I give them a glimpse into my mind.

Drifting in a world that is unraveling

I guess I just made a stupid mistake. So back to square one. Shall I enjoy all my anxiety attacks and sclerosis of the liver.